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Client Management

How to attract 
new clients and
keep the ones you have 

Tip 1 – Create and maintain your data base. 
Your data base is gold. You need to determine if a client is an A B or C account. Prospects need to be separated and marketed to as well. Try to keep your data collection as simple as possible. 

Tip 2 – Create a consistent marketing plan and make it visual. 
Plan/put on paper/ and visualize it...You need to be able to see it to make it a reality. Put in writing, make changes and post for your sales team to see it. Ask for impute. Fresh ideas can always bring a new spark to a good plan.

Tip 3 – Work your Plan Consistently 
Once you get it down, start working the plan. Keep working on it until you have what works for you. Keep in mind it is a process and make take a full year or more to perfect the system.

Tip 4 – Get to know your clients needs.
Quality, Service & Price...this is what we try to achieve. I always say pick two. I have found that most clients once they get to know you, and can depend on you. That the first three criteria is not the most important factors anymore, it is your goal. Keep your finger on the pulse of your clients and you will have greater chance to keep your client for the long haul.

Tip 5 – Establish a “Constant Contact” Enzine  
We live in an age where we e-mail everything. I recommend “Constant Contacts” as e-mail able management software. It allows clients to opt in and opt out. You get statistics to measure what people are looking at and they find of interest.

Tip 6 – Newsletters.
I find the clients that have a lot of good information for their clients benefit from this form of advertising. Generally they are printed or done in a combination with the Ezine. This is great as a hard copy, you can save as pdf's and post on your web site.

Tip 7 – Direct Mail Campaigns
Sending out personalized information to a client on a regular basis is a must. It is the most cost effective way to reach clients and prospects. When it comes personally addressed to a client there is a 72% higher rate of opening it than if it were unaddressed.

Tip 8 – Make your Brochure Timeless
They allow you to put your best face forward to your clients. I recommend making them a timeless piece vs. a price list. This gives your brochure a longer shelf life and you can make more at one time. This of course will yield a better price per piece when printed.

Tip 9 – The Business Cards is your first impression 
This is the most important piece of marketing you have. I suggest that you put your photo on it. Please make sure it is on the thickest paper your printer can print on...DO NOT use perforated cards. Your card speaks volumes about you and your company.

Tip 10 – Thank you Program 
It is an easy way to keep in touch with your clients to show them that you noticed and appreciate them in referring business to you. It can be as simple as emailing them or a personal card is even better.

Tip 11 – Referral Program
Are you asking for referrals? If you can create and maintain a way to consistently track the clients that come to via the way of a referral from a previous client or someone that knows you. It is a good idea to acknowledge the new potential client as well as thanking the one who referred you.

Tip 12 – Birthday/Anniversary Programs
Many businesses can benefit having a program that acknowledges a client personal moments like birthdays and anniversaries. It can be as simple as a card, e-mail or a phone call. How do you feel when someone remembers you?

Tip 13 – Client appreciation Event
This can be an annual event or special occasion. Ideas can be a summer barbeque, renting a movie theatre, and open houses. There are so many creative ways and to keep budget in mind to show your clients how much you  appreciate their business.

Tip 14 – Keep your clients abreast of your firm’s news and stories about you.
The more personal, interesting you can be helps you to stand out from your competition. These are great stories for Ezine, newsletters and other ways you communicate to your clients.

Tip 15 –News Releases 
Get into a practice of keeping your clients informed of the changes in your company. For example, adding new staff, new product and services and if you have won any awards. Your client needs to know that you are a progressive company. Send to local papers, associations and in your Ezine or newsletters. This helps you to set you apart from your competition.

Tip 16 – Be an expert in your field and write articles for public release.
Newspapers, Newsletters, Trade magazines are just a few that are always looking for articles to publish on many subjects to their clients. Be creative and find the “What’s In It For Me”and the Editor will find it a benefit to use your articles and press releases.

Tip 17 – You need to be “Top of Mind”
To everyone you know we all desire to be a household name. This is a goal to most that we need to use our marketing to help build this branding to our clients. So when they are looking for your type of product or service. They think of you and your company.

Tip 18 – Develop a power point newsletter or presentation. 
This is truly beneficial at trade show booth, your waiting area and posting to your web site. There are so many reasons to develop one and to use it in many ways to benefit your company.

Tip 19 – Keep your eye open to speaking opportunities 
If you are an industry leader you have a lot to share with others in business. There are so many networking groups that are always looking for good speakers that will benefit their membership. It allows you to get your branding out to more than your currently marketing circle.

Tip 20 – Get involved in your community Consolidate your time, energy and efforts into one project.
Make it your own. Team up with one or two quality organizations in your community. This shows your true commitment to your clients that you care as well as really giving back to those that really can use your help.

Tip 21 - Promotional Products has long term benefits.
 I read once that a pen has a branding life to hit 7 different people before it runs out of ink. Can you imagine the client that you gave it to and 6 potential prospects?

Tip 22 - Look for Seminars to Sponsor Exposure is the name of the game.
There are many opportunities through local Board of Trades, Trade Shows, Non Profits, and Golf Tournaments that are always looking for Sponsors.

Tip 23 – Social Media I believe it is here to stay.
It is an easy way to be in contact with your clients on a less formal level. Yet it helps to build relationships, connect events and build your reputation.

Tip 24 – Share useful information with your clients 
If you read a good article or go to a seminar that is helpful to your clients. Make a copy, pop a post it on it and mail it off. Just thinking of you “Mr. Client”...and thought this would be beneficial to you. This goes a long way.

Tip 25 - Prospects – 7 to 9 touch points to become a client 
So now that you have spent the time to prospect them. You have to keep the relationship fresh and moving ahead. Now the goal is keeping them happy with your product and services and asking for referrals if you want to grow.

Tip 26 – Google yourself/your business 
I can not tell you how many people have said they have found me on the web, goggled me or my company. So you need to do the same to see what comes up and ways to keep updated and your search ability a high as you can.

Tip 27 - Keep an eye on your competition
They say the best form of flattery is when someone copies you. Always keep abreast of your competition, but try to make ideas fresh look for your clients. New ideas always the goal, but generally most ideas have been recirculated.

Tip 28 – Look for opportunities to help your clients 
Anytime you can refer a client, send work in their direction, or just help them in any way goes a long way. I believe it shows the client that you try to go over and above and are looking at their needs over your own.

Tip 29 – Drive everyone to your web site. 
Web sites are so much more that when they started out as a billboard on the web. I try to put my web site address on everything. Try to post samples, information to assist clients out what you do. Post Tips, press releases, archive newsletters and anyway to help facilitate the circle of advertising to your company.

Tip 30 – Seasonal and Holiday Times of the year.
Christmas comes but one time of year. That is true so we need to maximize the buying opportunity/cycle of our clients. Use this as a key point in your marketing time to be in touch.

Tip 31 – Develop a marketing resource team.
There are so many ways to market, keep you as top of mind awareness, and generating more sales. Well I have found that it is sometimes best to seek advice and start building a team to help you facilitate your plan of marketing.

How to attract new clients and keep the ones you have. 

I believe you have to work on a developing a customized system that works for your company. The program should allow you to consistently keep in contact with your client. The time you take to invest in creating your plan will benefit you for years to come. You will see the benefits as they show up in your sales as repeat clients. It can be a combination of the little things, but a structured program is the secret to your success. The following tips are not in any specific order and not all may apply to your type of business. Do not fee you have to do everything all at once. The plan really needs to become the heart and sole of your business. It is easier to start with baby steps. The over all goals are to develop a system that feels right for you and your company, and is done consistently.  

Susan Thomas’s Top 31 Tips on What you can do once you get your clients. 

Please keep in mind these are ideas of the many possibilities you can incorporate into your marketing program. Not all the tips will apply, but I hope they will get you thinking of simple ways to add another layer to what you are currently doing.

Susan Thomas is a well know Surrey business person. Her business web site is